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Shandong E.Fine feed additives


In the pig feed, the rational addition of some additives can play a role in promoting growth and preventing pig diseases, and can save food, reduce costs, and greatly increase the economic benefits of pig farming. Ten commonly used feed additives for pigs are introduced for reference by farms and farmers.

1. pine needle powder

Pine needles contain 19 kinds of amino acids, rich in carotene, vitamins, trace elements, and anti-microbial pine needle antibiotics. Adding 5% pine needle powder to pig feed can increase the daily gain by 18-30% and shorten the fattening period by 30-60 days.

2. Glauber's salt

Add 0.5-0.6% Glauber's salt to the pig's feed, increase daily weight gain by 20%, increase feed utilization by 15%, and pig health is less diseased, fur is bright, appetite is strong, and urine is normal.

3. kelp powder

Kelp is rich in iodide and minerals, vitamins, and active ingredients that stimulate the growth of animals. Adding 2% of kelp powder to the pig's feed increases the daily gain by 23% and the feed conversion rate by 13%.

4. zeolite

Zeolite is a hydrous silicate mineral that contains all the essential elements and most of the trace elements necessary for the growth of pigs. Adding 1% zeolite powder to the pig's feed increases pig average weight gain by 10%.

5. orange peel powder

Orange peel has a variety of nutrients that can enhance animal appetite, promote rapid growth and enhance disease resistance. Adding 5% orange peel powder to the fodder feed can increase the daily weight gain by 12%, consume 0.28 kg of feed per 1 kg of weight gain, increase feed remuneration by 10.5%, and increase carcass weight and net meat weight.

6. an evergreen

The phytochemicals contain more than 40 components such as plant antibiotics, auxin, protein, and vitamins. Each kiwifruit feed contains 3-5 g of an evergreen, and the daily weight gain can be increased by 20-30%.

7. silkworm sand

Add 5-10% of silkworm sand to pig feed, increase daily weight gain by 10-15%, increase feed conversion rate by 15-20%, and pig growth is good, coat color
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